Wednesday, September 19, 2007

taking a look around ...

Well, this looks like it'll make a fine new home for my thoughts and words. I'm moving in here, unpacking my boxes and arranging the furniture here at my new blog home.
I've had a blog at MSN Spaces since May 13, 2005, but I'm going through a lot of life shifts right now and I think it's time to find a new blog home, too. Spaces has been nice, but my old laptop (six years old! ancient for computers!) is just having a hard time at Spaces and acts really quirky. Time for a change.
I'll probably be moving some of my old posts here, so please bear with me if you've read them on Spaces previously. I'll also be posting new thoughts, as well, hopefully something interesting or thoughtful. Tomorrow, I'll tell you a little more about me and about the shifts in my life that are occuring. Change is good!


Thotman said...

it looks like a nice place...allow me to congratulate you on your choice of paint and carpet... change is good if you are comfortable with it. I am looking forward to reading here as I did back in your old stomping grounds... you have a very lovely way of seeing life...

Anonymous said...

Damn I was almost the first one to comment here to!!!! ARG!!! Delete Thots post! LOL!

It looks really nice so far hun, keep up the good work!!!!