Wednesday, April 16, 2008

interior decorating

I'm not an acquisitive person; acquiring things, collecting things - just not my thing. No judgement on those who truly enjoy the thrill of shopping and are happy with things; we're all unique and fine just as we are, shoppers or not.

As I was cleaning my living room the other day, though, I took a good look at the things that I have in there, gifts given to me by people in my life. Things like:

... an angel pillow made by my friend, Connie (who I've never met in person); she is a treasured gift to my life

... a pair of Ballets Russes prints from my friend, Lisa. I love these because they're from her, because I love ballet (and studied it for about 10 yrs), and because my brother and I saw the wonderful Ballets Russes film a few years ago, which told the story of the companies through the stories of the dancers; a memorable afternoon spent with my bro, sharing in one of my passions

... a stunning blown glass vase created by my good buddy, Chris; it's been awesome to be his friend for over 30 years

... a few turtles. my power animal - stone, ceramic, wood - one gifted to me by Allison from her trip to Mexico, another, by my daughter from her honeymoon in Hawaii

... a Diego-Rivera-style seated figurine from Nan, who's known me forever

... a thought-provoking print about living with intention from Vicki, who knows my spirit

... a pewter fairy figurine from my goddaughter, Tina, who I sponsored during her adult catechumenate journey to be baptized as a Catholic

... and on and on it goes, a small room with lovely gifts given by the lovely people in my life. Each with meaning, each one decorating my interior.
The room - actually the entire downstairs is one large open space - also has photos of family: Dad in his Navy uniform; Mom's portrait as a young girl, posed 3/4 view in a black sweater and pearl necklace, matched by a portrait of my daughter in nearly the same pose and wearing a similar pearl necklace, just an uncanny coincidence that the photos are so similar - or maybe not; photos of my brother and his wife; of our youngest brother sitting in front of a church in Mexico; of my daughter when she was a cute little blonde 2-year-old at Disneyland, the delight of my heart; of her daughters - my utterly charming granddaughters.

The room is filled with bits of this and that. There's no "theme." Not French Country, or Cottage, or Old World or Modern; it doesn't look like anything a designer would do. It doesn't look like a catalog or a museum or one of those perfect, photo-quality, designed rooms where the accessories coordinate and match well. There is no magazine photo shoot in my future.

Do the things in the room match? My room wouldn't win any stars on Rate My Space; it's not "decorated" and wouldn't be included on any home tour. But friends call and tell me "I need to come over. I need the peace of your home, the sound of the fountain, the calm of your space." My piano tuner was here yesterday and once again told me how much he loves the feeling of my home, the experience of it. It's nice to hear that others get the same sense from my space that I do.

Does it match? Doesn't love always match? My heart + your heart = a beautifully decorated home, one that's decorated on the interior, in the hearts and the souls of the amazing and wonderful people who have been and are part of my life's journey.

Who am I to be so blessed? And yet, I am so grateful ... as I look at this turtle or that photo, smiling as I think of the people in my life who mold me, teach me, share with me, support me, come to me for comfort ... or for a laugh. I really love the way my interior is decorated through all of them.

Oh, yeah, it all matches. And it's beautiful.


Soov said...

Dearest Rose,

How I love reading your blog. I hope as my life becomes more focused, as I learn to manage my time in a way that allows for all good things, it includes more time spent here.

As I have had the good fortune to spend a few days visiting your home, a long distance from mine in Texas, I can attest to it's beauty. It is peaceful and serene while at the same time, full of life, joy and the heartfelt memories you carry.

I am blessed to have spent those days with you and look forward to more pictures of the inside your home as well as your heavenly courtyard. That too, is a treat! The laughter shared in that space mixed with the glorious fragrance of your flowers was intoxicating. You my dear, have a very green thumb. Look at it and see. ;> It's green, no?

I'm thrilled to read your thoughts on the Russes prints. I knew the minute I saw them, they belonged to Rose.


Anonymous said...

Your home tells a story. Its all about it should be. Home should be where we feel safe,nurtured and peaceful. Does your home do that? Yes it does!
Do others immediately feel at home and welcome? Having had the honor of visiting I vote yes!
How boring it would be if we all lived in identical spaces.
I give you five stars for creating a beautiful welcoming comfy HOME!

Lynn said...

Things that match your spirit and self, given by THAT is true interior decorating at it's finest...especially when it is incorporated with photos of loved ones.

Of course it is a room of calm, spirit and peace, Rose. What else could a room of yours be?

Much love, Sister by the Stream.

Mercy said...

When I grow up I want a home like yours!

love ya Ros-a-lee,

C├ęcile said...

Rose you have a wonderful talent for words and for figuring out how to display all those unrelated, but precious treasures in your room and still evoke a feeling of comfort and harmony.


Maureen said...

It is wonderful to reach a point in life when you find yourself surrounded with these symbols of love and life- pieces and bits of those you know and love--whether here or gone- all collected over time. I am so happy your space suits you Rose- everything begins at home, so I think this is exactly what home should be.

daisy cottage said...

Your home IS BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT because it is a reflection of beautiful YOU. It is a PRECIOUS home.


Terri said...

I'm a bit late to this post but the first thing I thought when you said your home doesn't have a "theme" is yes you do!.......

Serene calmness

I was feeling a bit blue today and after making a long overdue visit to your blog I do feel a bit calmer.

Thank you for being.