Sunday, June 1, 2008

just a little bit ...

I had it all planned to write this week's blog entry about my little courtyard, a labor of love that has evolved from a bare slab of concrete when I moved here almost 10 years ago to a pleasant little courtyard filled with sights, scents and sounds that I find so pleasing.

But I've been working most of this weekend, it's nearly 11:30pm and I have to get to work early as I'm working against a deadline ... and we're already behind. Breathe ... breathe ...

I've been working a lot of late nights and weekends the past few months; a 6-month redesign project that launched last week went into crunch mode the last two weeks and we were really putting in the hours to get it launched. As soon as it launched, I was asked to pick up the project I worked on this weekend, which was behind and needed a lot of late nights and this weekend if we're to meet the deadline. I just wrapped up working on it for tonight - knowing that tomorrow will be hectic - and now am heading to bed.

But first, I do want to thank those of you who visit, and those of you who comment when you visit. When I started my blog several years ago, I really did it for me, wanting to get the thoughts that fill my head and heart onto paper, perhaps to be able to better examine them, turn them over for a good look, and sort through them, to better understand my life, my truth and my path.

I didn't really write for an audience and hadn't really considered that others might find me, might actually visit more than once and be interested enough to comment. Imagine my surprise and delight! As I've received comments, I've come to truly treasure them; words and snippets that encourage and enlighten, that delight me and bring a smile to my lips and a joyful bounce to my heart. So I want to thank you for your thoughts, for your links (loved the angel link, Amber!), for taking the time to visit, for the friendships that have developed (love you, Lynn!). I find myself grateful for these connections from you to me and me to you; you honor me with your time and your words. Thank you so much!

And now look, it's nearly midnight and I really must get to bed, to dream happy dreams from a happy and grateful heart.



Fifi Flowers said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog soooo late!

Lynn said...

I've MISSED you, Rose. I'm always so heart-glad to see a comment from you-they are all so filled with love, concern, peace, humor and the overflow of a friendship. Your peace and spirit are my role models.

You write so well, so beautifully, of so many things that are meaningful and important, things I forget in the day-to-day stress and hubbub of my life at home with the girlies. You always bring me to a better place...that beautiful, peaceful Stream.

Thank you for the hug, it helped. Thank you for all your generosity, now and all those times you give me a place to go in my head and heart to feel loved, calmer, and more at peace. Those are your greatest gifts to me; sitting with my by the Stream Sister while I try to settle myself.

Your friendship means so very much to me, Rose. I hope you have amazingly happy dreams, every night, and I hope your work load gets slower, both for your sake and mine! I miss you being around so often!

I love you,

Amber said...

Rose, it's been such a treat to get to know you better through your blog. Before your blog, you were just the really cool chick with the awesome aqua blue kitchen! ;-) Now you're the really cool chick with awesome kitchen AND fantastic perspective/spirit! :-) Get some rest, girl!

Anonymous said...

H2H hugs to you my friend. Cool chick with the awesome aqua I have to agree with Amber on that one. Reading your blog is good for me. As I told you Im shallow and you make me think. Its good to stretch the old head muscle once in awhile. I know work is hectic right now and appreciate that you took the time to post. Please rest when you can. Hoping life gives you a little break soon.

Midsummerprism said...

I can almost feel the deadline rush from your side of the world! I have a deadline too, but then I thought of you and so I dropped the material I was doing and took a peek here
( hee!hee!)

I miss your writings. You know, whenever I open up to your site, I make sure that all is peaceful and quiet around me. It becomes a sort of meditation - your words that is. They help ground me and just relax me. Which was basically why I had you in mind while working..I said I needed inspiration :>

Do take care.Know that from across the great wide ocean, in some corner of Southeast Asia, someone you have never even met, someone with a looming deadline yet is still procrastinating, is thinking of you :>

dec0r8or said...

Rose, it is MY pleasure to come here and read your words and let them fill me with peace and perspective, and to let you know that I was here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You make a difference in my life!!
(And Kat, you are NOT shallow...geesh.)

daisy cottage said...

Rose, your blog is such a reflection of YOU - and you are LOVED. The world needs more souls such as yours. I am very thankful for you.


Anonymous said...

I hope you got to enjoy some time in your wonderful courtyard this weekend. I remember the laughter we shared there one summer night. Remember?

I love reading your blog, Rose. You are so eloquent. So spiritual. I'm proud to call you friend.