Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank a Vet

A friend told me that she calls her Dad on Veteran's Day and thanks him. I thought that was a beautiful thing to do, and I've started doing the same with my dad, who served in the Navy in the Korean War aboard the USS Ernest G. Small. On October 7, 1951, his ship hit a mine off North Korea, killing 9 and wounding 18 of my father's friends. Four days later, her bow broke off in heavy seas.

I also send a card to my uncle (mom's brother), who served in the Army in the Korean War. He lost a leg when he stepped on a land mine in the war. My dad (who was not yet married to my mom) met my uncle when he visited him in the hospital at an aunt's request. (The families knew one another.) My dad has always said that my uncle is one of his heroes. My uncle went on to have a family of 9 children, working three jobs to support them all, always jovial and teasing, never a word of complaint. He is adored by friends and family, the kind of man you instantly call friend.

I am very proud of both of these men and grateful to them, too, and to all the other veterans - uncles and friends - who have been in my life and are no longer here in their earthly bodies. I am grateful, too, for all those I've never met, but who served for all of us. I honor them for the sacrifice on behalf of all Americans.

If you know a vet, take a moment to give them a call or drop them a card, thanking them for their service in the cause of freedom.

And take a look at the beautiful montage video Amber has posted on her site: http://bluemangocreations.blogspot.com/2008/11/veteran-day-montage-american-anthem_11.html


Connie said...

Oh Sweet Rose,
What a beautiful tribute to your Dad and Uncle. I also listen to Amber's video - such a moving and beautiful piece. I remember pictures of my uncles being in the war. I was born in September, 1941, and my best friend was born on December 7, 1941 - Pearl Harbor. I remember seeing all the "Newsreels" at the movies each week. Youe the best. I know your family loves you so much - you are always so considerate of others and always remember them in a special way.

Love you Rose,

Kat said...

Beautifully written and obviously heart felt. My brother was also in the Navy. He served in the Gulf War.
I havent talked to him for awhile. Your post is a good reminder. Tomorrow I will give him a call.

Lady Prism said...

This is very nice, Rose. People, ordinary people, do honorable jbs each day, but, to have served in defense of one's country, is an honor above all honors.

My country had been under US rule for 45 years, after being subjugated by the Spanish conquistadores for more than 300 years. Because of this, we too, have a Veteran's Day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thanking my Dad. You made an incredible impact on him that day. He did not EVER expect to be thanked for what he has always felt was his privilege. I have been proud to be a Mavy brat for 51 years and I have been proud to be your friend for at least 18 of those years!

God bless you dear friend!