Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Tios' 60th Wedding Anniversary

Photo: Tia Goya, Tio Lolo, Mom (Mary Oropeza)

Note: I promise to post later this week about our Mexico vacation!

This past Saturday night we celebrated my tios’ (aunt and uncle) 60th wedding anniversary. My Tio Lolo (Richard) is my mom’s youngest brother; in a family of 9 (I believe it was 9?), he and my mom were the youngest and were always very close. He and my Tia Goya (Georgia) have 9 children so family visits to their house when we were kids were always a kid-filled, kid-fun blast.

Being Oropezas, visits bubbled over with lively laughter and loving teasing, filled with extended family and friends. Great food would be cooking on the grill and in the kitchen, and the get-on-your-feet music would spawn a bit of singing and dancing. Saying goodbye when we’d visit them would take at least an hour with the conversation continuing on and on as the family walked us out to the car and everyone kept on talking and laughing and wishing us a safe drive.

Saturday night was another wonderful Oropeza party and for an especially momentous occasion as we celebrated my tios’ 60th anniversary. I saw Oropeza cousins that I hadn’t seen in a long time, except perhaps at the funerals that we’ve had too many of this past year or so. Much better to gather for a happier occasion this time. A great celebration of love and commitment.

My Dad has always said that Tio Lolo is his hero. He’s always admired how hard my tio worked for his family, carrying two jobs despite a very serious war injury (he lost a leg to a land mine in Korea), playing sports with his kids, barbequing on Sundays. Dad’s always felt that Tio is a singular example of a good man.

My Tia provided child care (yes, even with 9 of her own) and all those kids and their families became extended family to them. I think everyone in Oxnard knows and loves the Oropezas!

Photo: Oropeza cousins

I feel so at home when I’m with my mother’s people. It was a wonderful party. Happy 60th, Tia and Tio!


PS. As I prepared to leave, I said my goodbyes to my tios and headed toward the door. Half an hour later, I was still there, talking to cousins, as my tio passed by and smiled as he said “Still here? I thought you were leaving an hour ago!” Some things don’t change.


Cindy said...

Yes, what a good man your uncle is. He's part of that Greatest Generation like my Dad. Your aunt is beautiful! Family is the best...even when it's not! Thank you for sharing this.

dec0r8or said...

Now that sounds like some folks I'd like to know! I'm so glad you got to connect with family, Rose. Isn't it wonderful?!

rebecca said...

This sounds very much like the get-togethers in my family! I stopped having family dinners/bbqs/holidays at my house many years ago because the family kept growing and growing. New rule: we get together now at the house of the family that has the most members (and they happen to have the largest houses so it works!). LOL! And our family reunions Rose are monthly....we are at each birthday, anniversary, communion, baptism, holidays, and everything in between!

It appears you had a wonderful time and I know exactly how long those goodbyes sometimes take!

Take care,