Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer fun and the gates of heaven

Good golly, Miss Molly, but it's been a busy couple of weeks of summertime fun. I've been so focused on searching, researching and applying for jobs, that I was letting this beautiful summer of no work pass me by. I was squandering this precious gift of time that I'd been given. I'd been turning down invitations to meet up with friends so I could spend the entire day at the computer job-hunting. (OK, and on Facebook, too, since I'm already at the computer. I usually work with about 8 different windows open so I can bounce around while pages load.)

Jas and Bri on left

Job hunting takes time; I have job search agents set up on about 7 sites, I check CalJobs every few days, and I'm on several social sites for online marketing. When I find a job that seems a good fit, I apply, prepare a cover letter that hits the requirements for the position so they can see how well-suited I am for the position, fill out the forms necessary to apply, make copies for my files, etc. Then I have follow-up calls, e-mails, etc. You'd think I'd have a job by now. Harumph! I know that I'll land where I'm supposed to land eventually, though.

Jas (red shoes), Bri (checkered shoes)

So ... some of the things I've been doing the last few weeks:
- sold my entertainment center
- bought a new bookcase to replace the two that went with the EC (Good story there; will do another blog post for that)
- had lunch on the pier with my friend Mary
- went to the OC Fair with my friend Ryann before she moved to San Francisco
- attended a friend's wedding shower with my very ultra-cool ex-co-workers (I love those girls!)
- took my grands to the OC Fair. They now love to ride the crazy, spin-ya-round, upside-down, twirl-and-twist rides. Yeeee-haaaaw!
- had the grands over for swimming one day - so fun!
- went with my dear friend Vic to the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach. There are handcrafted items of all kinds: ceramic, glass, mixed media, paintings, jewelry, textiles, and so much more. Weather was perfect and the smell was awesome with the sawdust covering the grounds. I love to talk with the artisans about their work. A wonderful day!
- got my taillight fixed for free (thanks to good buddy Don who referred me to a mechanic friend of his)
- saw my friend Zuly (and salsa teacher) and her beautiful baby Skyla. We hadn't sat and talked in so long; great afternoon and what a beautiful baby!

Jas and Bri

This last Saturday, I went to Great G's house. Great G is my ex-husband's grandmother, but after the divorce she still remained close, as did my sister-in-law. In recent years, it's been wonderful to reconnect to other family members, too. My father-in-law crossed over last year and my mother-in-law this year. So all the family gathered to go through the things stored at Great G's, giving everyone a chance to take mementos and photos that had special meaning for them.

As everyone went through boxes and photo albums, there was a lot of "Oh, remember this?" and "Do you know who this is?" and "I remember when we ..." I was married at 20, so my 20s were spent as part of the family, formative years doing the growing up and maturing that we do in that timespan of our youth. I was surprised when my ex showed me a photo of me from high school that my MIL had kept; he later told me that she had several others of me, too. We all laughed at some memories, got teary about others. It was good and healing for all, I believe.

Even though the divorce and the years immediately following were very hard, it was such a long time ago, water under the bridge now, baggage that I don't choose to carry forward with me. Grudges and resentments are most damaging to the person carrying them. Better to try to live fully and healthfully in the present.

I read once that the gates of Heaven are very low. One must bow down very deeply to enter ... and we can't fit through if we're carrying excess baggage. I let it all go a long time ago. The good times and the love of those times are what remain. I think those will fit through the gates.


PixieDust said...


oh, what a treat that you stopped by my blog, as now I am here in this beautiful space of yours :-)

I'm so glad you had a chance to catch up on Summer fun before Summer passed you by - yay!

I was lost for a while in the pictures of your trip to Mexico. So beautiful...

have a beautiful day,

Kat said...

This is a wonderful post Rose! Im glad you are finding a balance between enjoyable activities and the job hunt. Hopefully the perfect opportunity will pop up soon. In the meantime enjoy the last days of summer.

rebecca said...

So wonderful what you say here Rose about water under the bridge. Very zen and something I still find amazing that many people don't get. Life is short, why waste it in anger and resentment and ego-driven discussions? Live your life, let it be, forgive and move on. You make your life that which you want and in the end if you've managed to have a good one or not, it really all depended on you.

Blessings amor and good luck in your job hunting,

Kelee Katillac said...


I like that so much about the gates of heaven.
You are right--so much good that comes when we let go of the hurt.... it creates a vacuum that pulls eternal goodness toward as the other leaves.

Great for you.....

Also the pillow was a neat-o surprise ...thanks for the visit!

love, kelee

p.s the reason I asked for "neat-o" was because of your astute comment before about not liking Favs!!

dec0r8or said...

Geez, Rose, it's too bad you can't parlay all of your positive thinking "woo woo-ness" into a paying gig. I can think of a LOT of people who could benefit from a little positive thinking and love-sharing.

In fact, I thought of you two weeks ago when I had steam coming out of my ears at work. I VERY rarely get angry, but OH boy I could have used a little Zen energy that day!

I'll be sending my happy get-a-great-job vibes your way, Rose. It'll happen for you. I just know it!