Friday, January 1, 2010

morning peace

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shanti shanti shanti

peace peace peace

I slowly sense that I am awakening, still straddling that space between sleep and awareness, gently transitioning into a more conscious state.

Eyes still closed, I sense the early morning darkness in the room.

Eyes still closed, I slowly become aware of the sound … and a smile spreads across my heart and across my face. My breathing slows back into a gentle rhythm, my body relaxes in the warmth of my bed.

The sound … like the soft roar of a jet passing overhead.

The sound … saturating the quiet of the morning, softly, insistently.

A gentle, soft din the only sound this early morning as the day slowly awakens—as I slowly awaken—smiling inside and out. The occasional light crack (or is it more like a boom?) like far-away thunder.

The ocean, the ocean. I lie in bed, warm and at ease, eyes still closed, listening to the soft roar of the mighty Pacific Ocean, a gentle, ambient sound; rhythmic, like my breathing, as I remain relaxed, eyes closed.

Wanting more, I rise and open the window, then ease back into my bed and close my eyes again, hearing the ocean more clearly now, feeling it within me like life-giving breath, spreading a warmth of love and peace. A good start …


Caroline said...

Yes...a beautiful start to 2010. Wishing you continued peace.

sheri said...

Wonderful peace. within. without. Here's to a joyous 2010 and much health, peace and love.

dec0r8or said...

Ahhhh....the ocean....I felt like I was right there with you, Rose!

May this new year bring you much joy. I'll look forward to more of your peaceful, calming blog posts in 2010. You're like a breath of fresh air, my friend!

Laura Hegfield said...

I feel more peaceful having read this written meditative experience unfolding. Thank you dear one...such a lovely way to begin this new year.

gentle steps,

Cindy said...

Beautiful, so relaxing to read. Thank you!

PixieDust said...

An excellent start... Happy New Year to you...



PixieDust said...

Ooops! I forgot your New Year's hug!



Connie said...

Happy Belated New Year, Rose!
Arrived in Florida - its cold.


Jan said...

This meditative sharing is just lovely. Oh, the ocean. It always lulls me into pure perfection. I am glad you joined the 28-Day Meditation Challenge at my blog. I always appreciate your soulful comments.You inspire...

I am continuing to embrace the chant Om Shanti. It does bring peace....Thank you!

p.s.I hope the new job is going well. :-)

Jannie Funster said...

That is SO beautiful.

I like the drone of a far-off jet too, one 6 miles high.

I will think on this poem as I wake tomorrow.