Sunday, February 6, 2011

simple moments of heaven

There are those who feel that heaven is not some far-off place with winged angels up there among the clouds, but that heaven is all around us and that we encounter angels every day. I tend to agree with them. I get glimpses of heaven in moments throughout my day; moments of bliss and ease, where I feel at perfect peace and contentment. And angels! I think we encounter them more often than we realize. My mom taught us to notice them; when a good samaritan once helped push our car out of a deep puddle during a downpour and then disappeared, I remember her telling us that he was one of God’s angels and we prayed our thankfulness for the help we received.

My life is good and I am abundantly grateful. All are well, all are loved, we are abundantly blessed even as we face life’s challenges. Life is simple and good. It’s these simplest of moments that reflect heaven to me. Simple moments of family gathered together, teasing, laughing, loving. Simple moments of a warm ocean breeze blowing against my skin. Simple moments of life growing in my garden. Some recent simple moments:

0012911 whiteboard loveMy granddaughters recently spent the night while their parents went to a party. We went to dinner, watched a movie and gabbed all night. Their parents came and spent the night after their party. I love the notes added to the whiteboard on the refrigerator; these sweet words light me up inside when I look at them each day.


The next morning, we walked down the pier to Ruby’s restaurant for a nice breakfast. Gorgeous—heavenly—day. Warm, sunny, the ocean bobbing with surfers, the pier with eager photographers aiming their cameras at the waves.

012311 beach

012311 Mt. Baldy

Looking toward land, we could see the snowcap of Mt. Baldy in the distance. (Approx. mid-center)

012311 Santa Catalina Island

Looking the other direction out to sea, we could see Santa Catalina Island.

012311 surfers1012311 surfers2

012311 surfers3

A day shared with the love of family, ocean, sunshine, warm breezes—peaceful, happy, heaven on earth.


The garden’s just starting to edge toward spring. Below, orchids and cyclamen are blooming.

020511 cyclamen and orchids

The yellow/green orchid is ready to bloom, too. I’m really glad it’s doing so well. I split it into three pieces (sawed it, actually) last year, giving the other two to friends. This one came back in great shape and has even more stalks starting up.

012911 orchid buds

And just check out the freesia in this one pot! Freesia naturalizes in surprising spots each year in my garden. coming back in the usual places, but also showing up in new places. I’ll have to stake these somehow; all of those blooms will be too heavy for these slender stems.

020511 freesia buds

Family, ocean, flowers in the garden – surely this much joy and peace are true glimpses of heaven. Have a beautiful week.


LauraX said...

Oh Rose, how I've missed YOU!!! I love this beautiful post, and you know I wholeheartedly agree about the angels among us and heaven here on earth. Yes indeed these simple things/experiences are the holiness that grounds us in the joy of the present.

gentle steps dear one

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, we must never overlook the value of the small, the simple, the everyday. That's where true joy and peace are often found.

Darla said...

Love this! Heaven on earth ABSOLUTELY. :-) I share in your joy of the simple, loving creations of people and plants and pets we are blessed with every moment. I've missed seeing a post from you, dear Rose. (((BIGHUG)))

Connie said...

Dearest Rose,
When I think of angels, I think of you. You have taught me to accept all the little things that we take for granted. Heaven is all around us - we only have to stop, look, listen and smell. I love the pictures of the water. When I see or hear water, I think of you. You have always been my angels, I only pray that God allows us to meet one day.


dec0r8or said...

The pictures of the ocean and your garden are MY little slice of Heaven for today, Rose! We have sunshine here in NY today, but it's still VERY cold, and I'm SO DONE with winter! *sigh* Thanks for reminding me to look at the bright side--like my blue sunny skies! ♥

Carol S. said...

Awww, great post Salsa! I don't have ocean by me, so substitute "woods" for your closing line and I am right there with you!

Roselle Quin said...

♥´¯`•.¸¸.• ♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.♥
Hello Rose,

Happy Valentine's Day!♥ What an appropriate post to celebrate a day dedicated to LOVE!

You said: "I get glimpses of heaven in moments throughout my day; moments of bliss and ease, where I feel at perfect peace and contentment. And angels! I think we encounter them more often than we realize - "

♥ I perfectly remember moments that looked helplessly grim, when from out of nowhere someone would appear and give a helping hand expecting nothing in return! Strangers! Just strangers who happen to be passing by and giving their time.

♥ I came from very humble beginnings. My whole life is a message of angels and miracles - a true outpouring statement of heaven here on earth. Which is why, in my humble way of living, when I see people around me suffering due to greed, a sense of self-entitlement because of what they think they ought to have but don't, it truly does break my heart.

But what can I do? I try to explain that their desire is all in vain, but my words fall in deaf ears. I let them be.

This is an inspiring read. One that I will remember as I go through the rest of my day and week.

Your writing has once again reminded me that heaven is in the gap - that space between people. And that I, perhaps, in some way, can be an angel to someone too!♥

Lots ov' luv!
♥´¯`•.¸¸.• ♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.♥
~ The Lady Prism

rebecca said...

Rosita linda! What an inspirational and sage post. I agree! I concur! And you yourself are an angel, love! I believe that when we are at peace and when we feel loved, we tend to see the good that is out there. When we encounter people who emit kindness and compassion towards us and others, we are blessed because there is nothing more loving to the soul than to be noticed and helped by a stranger when we are in need -- and, without asking.

I loved this post. I really, really, REALLY loved this post!

(( abrazos ))

sheri said...

Rose. You take my breath away with your insightful writing. You always do. I wish you were on my side of the world. I just gave you a blog award and this is why - you capture my heart with every post. Come by and copy it down sweet girl!

LauraX said...

Miss you Rose:-(