Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Navy photos

080112 Dad's Navy pic - mailing tube

I wish I could share some happiness about my dad, but there’s been no change. Still no contact with him. I’ve sent him cards and my daughter has, too, but no response.

I sent him another card last Sunday with some photos. When my dad was in the Navy, he’d sent a photo to his sister Helen.  Helen is now in a home (Alzheimer's/dementia)  and when my cousin Chito (Helen’s son) was packing up her home, he found the photo and sent it to me. 080112 Dad's Navy pic full
It’s about 3ft long, a formal photo of a large group, maybe his ship’s crew? It was still in the original mailing tube, stamps and all. I took several photos, including a close-up of my dad. (It took me 3 days with a magnifying glass to find him in the photo.)

080112 Dad's Navy pic - centerI don’t have any expectations that my dad will respond, but I’m OK with me still reaching out to him nonetheless. I can love him without being loved in return. It still hurts to not have contact with him, but I can still love him.

We’re taught to love as the Divine loves, unconditionally. Not “I’ll only love you if you love me the way that I want you to.” Just “I love.”

080112 Dad's Navy pic - 2nd row, middle

(Dad is  in the 2nd row from top, middle, darker man to his right)


June McFeely Overbey said...

Rosi, my heart goes out to you! Your dad looks just like Mike in that picture! I just cannot imagine your dad being so brainwashed by his wife and her family. Just heart wrenching that they could be so callous and try & succeed in turning him against his own kids that he dearly loves! You have to know in your heart that he still loves you all deeply but is just so controlled right now that he's confused. Thank God you have a loving heart. Big hugs to you, my friend!

Mike / Steve Chavez said...

Actually, June, I look like him. Nothing I'm particularly proud of at the moment.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You set a wonderful example, Rose. I don't think I could follow it.

Darla said...

"I can love him without being loved in return." Beautiful.