Monday, September 3, 2012

Foo dogs–I won!

I recently entered a contest at House of Turquoise. The winning prize: a pair of turquoise ceramic Foo dogs from the very stylish Shop Ten 25, valued at $135. I left my comment, never thinking that I’d win; HOT is a very popular site with loads of readers who also left comments and, of course, everyone wanted a shot at winning these beauties. Somehow the stars and moon aligned magically and I won!

So this arrived on my doorstep last week:

082512 FedEx box

I was giddy with excitement, but such a large box! Maybe I should’ve checked the measurements on the site. I’d cleared off room on some shelves but may have to re-think this!
There was a lovely note inside from Abbe of Shop Ten 25 … and about a metric ton of paper packaging and bubble wrap! There was no way these babies could get broken.

082612 note from Abbe082612 bubble unwrapping

I unrolled and unrolled the bubble wrap and voila! A Foo dog! Gorgeous, yes?
I then unrolled and unrolled the other bundle and found his brother. Don’t you love the detail on these, front and back? These are easily the most expensive accessories I have in my entire home. I’m so thrilled with how perfectly they fit my style!

082612 first Foo dog    082612 Foo dog detailing

I think I’ll post the bubble wrap and box on Freecycle; folks are always looking for packing materials when moving households. Win-win!     082612 bubble wrap

Tried them on the shelves, but they were just a tad tall for the space. I’m not sure yet where they’ll end up. I tried them on the round table (Ballard’s Bornova). Nice, but I’d be concerned about them being knocked over accidentally.

082612 foo dogs bornova table 

   082612 foo dogs bornova close

So for now, they’re on a side table (below), guarding a favorite pic of my mom and me. Mom’s birthday was this last week (Aug. 28), so I like that they have a special place with her photo for now.

082612 foo dogs side table2

Please be sure to check out House of Turquoise for fabulous home eye candy; Erin does a fabulous job at curating some wonderful homes! And you must check out Abbe’s shop Shop Ten 25 for designer home furnishings!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

They are gorgeous and will bring you great good fortune! Congratulations!

Lori Skoog said...

Lucky you! They are gorgeous.

paintergal said...

Those are beautiful and are perfect in your home. I think the white curtains make a lovely backdrop for them.

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

Oooh so pretty! They look PERFECT in your home! What a special place for them too, right there next to that photo of you and your mom! It was all meant to be!!

Thank you for sharing and for the kind shout-outs to my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rose. Those are very cool!


Missed Periods said...

Wow! I love them, and they look great.

Dawn said...


congrats! they look great in your home and every time you see them you will remember how lucky and blessed you are!!

Have a great day Dawn