Tuesday, March 26, 2013

owning the journey

What should I do? you ask me
What do you think?
I’m unsure, uncertain …
I’m in need

I need you to help me

I’m unhappy
I’m not well
I’m hurting
I’m troubled

I need you to help me

I need you to solve my problems, I hear
I need you to stand for me
I need you to take care of this
I need you to tell me what to do

I need you to help me

I need to hand over my problems to you, you tell me
I can’t handle this any more
Give me the answers 
Carry my burdens for me

I need you to help me

I answer:
I will love you and support you
I will hold your hand
I will cry with you
I will be present for you

I will share my own experiences
I will be your companion on the journey
I will listen with my full attention
I will hold you

But I cannot own your journey
Your journey is yours alone
I don't have your answers
You have your own path to trod, as I have mine

I will accompany you
As you receive what you are given
In your own way
On your own terms

Just as I must stay on my own mat
Receiving what I’ve been given
In my own way
On my own terms

We each have our own way of being in the world
We each have our own journey to experience
Our own lessons to learn
Our own understandings to grow into

I cannot take your troubles,
Your heartache, your sorrow
I cannot take your burdens for you
They are yours to carry for this time

But I can stand witness
And be by your side
To catch you when you can’t stand another minute
To hold you when you need to be held

And I hope that you will do the same for me
As we each travel our own journeys
On our own mats
In our own way of being in the world



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very wise. So many do not understand this basic truth. At one time I didn't, either.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I think it's natural to want to help others. I've always had others come to me to help them, to the point that I felt drained of all helpfulness. I had a powerful revelation one day where I felt a Divine voice tellling me "Get out of my way. This isn't yours to solve." When I realized I was getting in the way of others' journeys, it helped me to find a different way to accompany them.

Darla said...

Beautifully shared, thank you ... "I can stand witness" ... I really love that because it is something that every single person can be ... a witness ... and sometimes that's all we need, isn't it? To be seen.

Laura said...

wonderfully compassionate and wise dear rose!

Wifsie said...

So true and it took me a while to understand it. Each journey is unique yet we all share the same pain and joy. That's why we can witness and that simple presence is enough.
PS: I just read your comment on my post in "Meditate like a Girl". Thank you so much.