Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tango - Oh my!

The incredible precision! The footwork! The lifts! The men! I already knew this would be an amazing performance, but the show exceeded my expectations. I checked for a video of the Tango Buenos Aires dance company, but couldn't find one. If they put out a video, I'd purchase it. I'm going to be calling my former ballroom instructor and get some private lessons in tango; it's not enough to watch, I have to dance this!

The dancing was insane: blurring leg flicks, quick, precise, sharp ... long, slow lunges with the dancers gazing deeply into one another's eyes, an erotic foreplay ... the tease of a long, slender fishnet-clad leg langorously wrapping around the man's waist ... the man lifting the woman into the air, her legs scissoring high overhead as if to cut the very sky into shreds ... the swift promenades across the floor, preceded with a small lift with the woman's legs galloping in the air like a frisky colt. Passion ... longing ... hesitation ... submission ... oh my!

The choreography seemed to take us through the history of tango, from its decadent origins to its acceptance into more polite society (although never losing its steamy attitude!). The musicians were as commanding as the men who danced, compelling, stirring the blood with their music, tugging at emotions of lust and desire. They did several purely instrumental numbers that had the audience shouting "Bravo! BRAVO!"

If you'd like to get a taste of tango, here are two videos; although they are amateurs and not pros - and not nearly the caliber of Tango Buenos Aires - you get a small sense of the heat and passion of tango. Bravo! - Ivan and Allison, dancing to Libertango - a compilation


Terri said...

oh my Rose, what a fabulous review! whew girl, you're going to have to be careful writing like that ROFLOL. I'm totally hooked on "Dancing with the Stars" and I'd love to see a professional live dance.

Thanks for that titallating review ;)


PAT said...

I skipped right over from Passions, Rose...your description is amazing!

We are hooked on Dancing With the Stars, too. We used to see dance competitions on our local PBS channel. Fabulous entertainment! Oh if we could only move like that. Should we try dance lessons in our golden years??


Thotman said...

this reminded me of the lesson jlo gave to richard gere in "Shall we dance"... the music is great..add a some passion and you have...DANCE

Connie said...

Another one that is hooked on Dancing with the Stars. I love the Tango and the Posse Doblao. I know I have spelled that wrong but with my PC acting up, I am not going to go and look it up. LOL

I love your review. The men are awesome but so are the women. Thanks for sharing and letting us know you had a good time.