Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's a beautiful morning ...

I really really wish I could have whisked everyone over here for today - IT WAS GORGEOUS! 76 degrees. The kind of beautiful, warm day that makes you think you can do anything and everything and still have time to go sit on the beach with the sun drowsily warming your skin - lol! Can you tell how excited I am? The sun was beautiful, the sky a clear, cloudless blue and the air had the gentlest of warm breezes. aaaahhhhh. I am filled with gratitude for the joy in this day.

One other benefit of the warm weather: Gorgeous men out riding bikes, skateboarding, running, walking - with no shirts on. Good job, God! hee!


Rose said...

I love days like this too. When the taste of spring warms the air and it's impossible to stay inside. I love to get outside and begin cleaning up the garden and the yard in anticipation of the flower blossoms that promise to come along shortly. I'm glad you had a wonderful day! I'm also glad for all those beautiful, athletic men. Ha!


dec0r8or said...

Yeah, yeah...rub it in. It's about 20* here today, and I don't think I've SEEN the sun in about three weeks. Ugh! The good news? I have a hotty here at home to look at! Hee! I was just watching him brush his teeth, before he gave me the evil eye and I :)

Sharon said...

I must say that your pictures makes me really jealous. It is only 8 here and we have a change of more snow.
I am glad that you had a wonderful day and WARMTH!!
I enjoyed reading your blog.

LADY LUXIE said...

Ummmmm..did you say..gorgeous men??..he!he!

You wouldn't by any chance have any pis of those? ;>

Amber said...

Thanks for sending those warm breezes west toward us in Phoenix!

But next time, carry your camera...we want some eye candy shots! hee!

Lynn said...

I want some of your weather...well, your weather RIGHT NOW...I know how treacherous your part of the world can be too. It's just so ding-dang cold here right now...but we did have beautiful snow yesterday. Just enough to make everything pretty, not enough to have to shovel or make it dangerous. Good ol' Kentucky.

Thank you for your visit to the stream with me, dear Sister. Your healing nature and nurture always helps my soul and mind. It will all be well, whatever it is.

Much much love, Lynn