Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six days off ...

I decided to "bookend" the Thanksgiving holiday and took off last Wednesday and today, Monday, so I could have have six days off from work. Whee! I made lists of all the things I was planning to accomplish: Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, finish scraping the wallpaper glue in the bathroom and paint it, finish painting the office, buy some bookcases and get all the stuff off the floor in the office, garden clean-up, post some things on Craigslist - oh, baby I had plans, big plans!

I got the Christmas shopping done ... mostly.

And I got a few things posted on Freecycle, which enabled me to get rid of an end table. I've been wanting to release things from my home lately. There's a feeling that there's too much stuff and all that stuff needs to be taken care of in some way, whether cleaning or dusting or storing or rearranging. Even getting rid of stuff takes some action on my part.

I'd like to get rid of my big looming entertainment center and get a lower media table, something that takes up less space in my space. I want to get rid of my big square French Country-style coffee table and replace it with something smaller with simpler lines, and a more open feeling to it. My beautiful china hutch takes up too much room in my tiny dining area and I yearn for open space there, too. Heck, I want to get rid of all that crystal and glassware and the china, too, which I never use and am simply storing for no good reason. (The china was my mom's but honestly, it's not something that I'd buy for myself.)

I want less stuff. More space. I want to release anything that's crowding my life, my space, my psyche. Lighter, airier, cleaner, clearer.

My garage needs a really good clean-out. I used to live in a small apartment with no storage or garage; I used to know exactly every single thing that I owned in the world cuz what I had was what I used. I had exactly what fit into my space. I miss those days. When I bought this place, everyone said how great to have a two-car garage and "all that storage space"; I couldn't even imagine what I would store in there. Now there are beach chairs and old paint, a garden bench and leftover laminate flooring, some old shelves, closet doors ... it's all got to go. I don't need any of it; I don't want any of it. I want the space. Open space. A cabinet for the paint. A table to pot plants. A pegboard for tools. That's it. The rest must go.

I'm even thinking about a couple of friendships that have come to the end of their time. Friendships that were great in their time, but have gently faded away and need to be released now.

I've been to yoga five days in a row while I've been on vacation and feel great: energized, renewed, strong. Yoga helps me quiet the mind and release unnecessary distractions. Is that part of why I feel this yearning for simplicity so much more strongly now? Doing vinyasa flows activates the energy flow in the body, repeating the patterns over and over in a kind of meditation ... breathe in, arms up ... breathe out, forward bend ... lunge, downward dog, 8-point namaskar, cobra ... over and over. The simplicity of breath. Breathe in, straighten the spine. Breathe out, release a little more.

I can feel my life shifting again. I need to breathe out and release a little more.

PS. Dad's doing great! He's exceeding the physical therapist's goals and already has 105 degree range of motion. Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers on his behalf.


paintergal said...

I love to get rid of stuff too! Need to do it more, it is so freeing.
By the way, I tried to do some basic yoga poses yesterday, following along with FitTV. Golly, how do you keep your balance? I am SO bad at it!
Glad you had some time off from work.

Rose said...

Good for you for giving it a try, PG! Balance comes with unwavering focus - and practice. For Tree pose, I face the wall and focus my drishti (gaze) on a pattern on the wall. Then I simply focus on my breath, not thinking about the pose. It's been an amazing learning to me to focus on breath; it allows one to release everything else, which then makes everything else easier. Sounds odd, I know ...

Anonymous said...

Amen to what you said Rose. I was JUST saying the same thing regarding xmas decor. It's gotta go, what was I thinking? Too much stuff, and I've honestly NEVER missed something I gave away. NEVER. Which tells me I need to give away lots more. Only thing stopping me is the time and work involved, lol. Glad yoga centers you, and you so deserved the week off. Good luck getting back at it.

Could you email me? I have a work related question to ask you...no big favor, just a point me in the right direction question. Thanks friend!


Kat said...

Hi Rose!
I have been stoppin in to read and finally have a couple minutes to post.
How lovely to get a week off. I know you have been putting in tons of hours. You needed a rest and it sounds like you made the most of your time.
Glad to here dad is doing great!
Thats one tough papa you have!

Connie said...

Hi Rose,
You always make me feel that I can release "things" that I don't need. I think its partly due to my upbringing. We just didn't get rid of things - we might need them later and we best hang on to them. At this time in my life, I am trying to get rid of things and it is getting easier. You can't take it with you. LOL

Glad you were able to have the time off and that your Dad is doing so well.

Give yourself a hug from me and take one to your Dad too.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Rose, thanks for stopping by! I applaud you for letting stuff go. I think about it, but haven't come to that place yet. I'm sure I will one of these days. I really think about it when I see all that my hubby's 90 yr. old grandmother has accumulated with the realization that she can't take it with her. None of us can!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for the tip on 5-HTP. I have been sleeping SO great since I've been on it for about 4 mos. now & I've told everyone I know who has sleep problems about it. Thanks to YOU! xoxo

Amber said...

I enjoyed this post, Rose. I go through "seasons" myself when I want to get rid of stuff and when I want stuff. I think it's important to listen to that voice when it speaks. I love your house the way it is, but I could so see how lovely the changes you mention would be.

As for Christmas decor, if it wasn't for the kids, I'd just do the tree and some fresh greens here and there. Heck, I still may "just" do that...and let them put the tchotchkes in their bedrooms for decorations.

So glad to hear about your dad!! Enjoyed your e-mail note on the subject. It's great that the two of you are getting this time together.

Lady Prism said...

Glad to hear about your dad:)

I can almost see that very huge smile of satisfaction once you have reclaimed the spaces once imprisoned by possessions.

It's funny, but we both seem to be doing the same thing. I had been busy redecorating my own home, clearing here and there. Fun!