Sunday, February 8, 2009

some gardening and some bling ...

I've been trying to spend less time online; if I don't watch myself, I can burn a couple of hours easily, visiting blogs, reading news, researching things that interest me. (You, too?) So, although I've had a couple of topics that I've been wanting to get on paper (metaphorically), it's midnight on Sunday night, so I'm just going to share some pics.

Now there's a reason why I don't usually post my own pics; well, just take a look at these and you'll see the painfully obvious reason why. A photographer, I'm not. My apologies. I know some folks who visit here are truly gifted and skilled in photography, and I thank you for making up for my lack. It kind of balances things out, I think.

And I'm all about balance. We can't all be superstars in everything, can we? I think it's good to know what your gifts and your weaknesses are. I feel I'm really a strong editor, for example. I did some editing for a former co-worker, Joely Gardner, a published author and expert in Human Factors, who told me I was the best editor she'd ever worked with. Very nice of her.

But I digress, so how about a visit out to the garden? I know some of you won't see spring for some time, but here in SoCal, we had some really warm weather the past few weeks and things have started to sprout. Above are sweetpea seedlings that I really hope do well this year. They look healthy right now, although maybe a bit crowded. Growing up, my dad had sweetpeas growing all along the chain link fence out back. Oh, the aroma was absolutely mind-blowingly delicious! I'd gather up great armfuls of them and just stick my nose in the bouquets, like a cat with catnip. Years ago, my friend's mom had a wedding shower for her and had big vases filled with sweetpeas throughout the room. So intoxicating! Sweetpeas have been my favorite since I was a little girl.

The next three pics are some of the orchids in the garden. The 2nd and 3rd pics are from the same plant, which probably has about 6 very full stalks on it right now.

And below is an example of my poor skills. This was supposed to be a close-up of some bulbs that have sprouted, but I obviously didn't focus correctly. These are just a few of the bulbs that have sprouted. I also have quite a few freesias, all with long stalks just ready to burst into bloom in a few weeks.

My camellia's been blooming for a few weeks. Some of the buds have fallen off before fully opening; not sure why. But this one's sure pretty.
And lastly tonight, here's a bit of bling that I bought for myself. My friend, Lisa, is a talented jewely designer with a shop on Etsy, called Rox & Things. I purchased some gorgeous quartz earrings from her last week. I love sparkle! I expected them to come in a simple package, but Lisa does nothing halfway. The package arrived in a box stuffed with red filler and a scroll - tied with twine - that described my new earrings. Very classy.
Inside the green sparkly paper (I love sparkle!), I found this sweet little box. Adorable, yes?

And inside the box, my beautiful earrings, tied with a twine bow and nestled in sweet-smelling lavender ... aaaaaaah! I'm so thrilled!

I hope you have a great 2nd week of February. My company has had two rounds of layoffs so far; I'm not normally one to get anxious about such things, but I've been through layoffs twice before, in a healthier economy, and I'm hoping we don't have further layoffs when jobs are more scarce. I really love the work I'm doing and the people I work with and I'd love to continue to work there. (If you're planning on buying a car, consider a Mazda, who is our client. Shameless plug, but they're really good cars. The new 2010 MAZDA3 has high-end features for its category. I love the 5-door!)

Happy Valentine's Day! Say "I love you!" to those you love!


paintergal said...

So nice to see some plants growing. It will be awhile until we experience that.
Those earrings are gorgeous! You picked some nice ones.
As for your editing skills, I know firsthand how good you are at that! :)
I'll be praying that your job situation remains stable.

Graciel said...


You take beautiful pictures! I am madly in love with your green orchid plant. How lucky and blessed you are with that garden. Prayers are going out for you to keep your job..and I drive a Mazda. Love them! xo

mermaid said...

Photographer or not, you are showing us what is possible and what can grow if given enough attention.

maitlandmommy said...

see - i come here for solace but i get envy. i can't keep ANYTHING alive, much less force something to grow out of the ground. How do you people do that? :)
I have to tell you - i love those earrings - aren't crystals supposed to be really good for your health?

rebecca said...

Oh Rosie I so love your blog. It's so full of good energy and light. Your pictures are fine! I'm so ready for Spring, I've had enough of Father Winter. And those earrings are gorgeous! I'll have to go check out her Etsy shop. And Happy Valentine's to you too dear heart! ((hugs))

Kat said...

Rose your photos are wonderful! Im anxiously awaiting spring. Your garden makes me envious! It must be lovely to have flowers in the middle of winter. I cant even begin to imagine that. You are blessed. Im saying a prayer that your job is safe.

Lynn said...

The flowers are beautiful, nice to see something growing after all the snow, rain and ice we've dealt with here for the past two weeks.

I'll keep the mazda in mind while i'm car shopping, because I definitely do have to get another car.

Your bling is so gorgeous, and so wonderfully packaged too!!!! I hope that shop stays in business forever!

Thank you for your encouragement and love, and especially for your patience.

How could you NOT know Possum Kingdom was about a killer? ;)

Maureen said...

I had to stop by to wish you an early Happy Birthday--what with my delinquencies, etc. I may miss doing that by the time I check in again! I agree that it's good to take a break and garden and be offline, but I am now dizzy with trying to catch up! ;)
Miss you! By the way, I got my very first ever orchid plant to re bloom. Gots buds!

Carolina Elizabeth said...

How do you get your camilia's to bloom. Mine are three years old and they only bud, but never bloom. AHHHH. I get so excited everytime I see them start to bud, and Nothing. Oh your photos are beautiful. THank you for sharing.