Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blessings to all Moms!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, both here and those who have crossed over to the other side! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

It is such a gift and a joy to be a mom to my daughter and a grandmother to my two granddaughters. I am grateful for the gifts of these beautiful beings in my life who lift my heart and bring forth such love that I never knew was possible before I became a mom. Motherhood is an amazing, chaotic, wonderful journey.

Motherhood doesn't come with instructions; it's a journey largely traveled on instinct and prayer. We read books, we talk with friends, but ultimately we trust our hearts to guide us to the answers we need in the moment. I almost said "to the right answers" but who really knows what the "right" answer is when raising kids? The physician's credo "First, do no harm." applies to parenthood, too, I think.

I read once that we are most like God when we create. God, who created the stars of the sky, the land, the oceans, the animals, plants and all of Creation, also chose to give women the gift of creating and nurturing new life from within our very bodies. For the nine months of pregnancy, I was in complete and total awe that there was a life within me, part of me, but separate from me, too. I'm still in awe. With a new life growing inside me, I often felt an incredible connection with the Creator who chose to give women the ability to carry new life.

My two granddaughters are sleeping here in my home right now. Beautiful. Funny. Smart. Creative. Words are insufficient to describe my love for them. "If I knew grandkids would be so great, I would've had them first."

My daughter and son-in-law are out for the evening, but will also come back here to spend the night. In the morning, we'll go to the beach for breakfast on the pier, looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean of God's creation. And I will look at this beautiful family and be filled with joy that we are all together, that we are happy, healthy and abundantly blessed.

I am just so happy to be a mom! I sometimes think about my own mom and how she lives on through me and my brothers, and through my daughter and now my granddaughters, a tree that will continue to grow with love. Thank you, Father, for the gift of my mom, for the gift of being a mom and for the gift of being a grandmother. I am so happy and so grateful!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Rose! Beautiful, joyful post. What a gift your family is giving you...togetherness. Enjoy! You know so many moms I've talked to said today they will be doing a little gardening and relaxing. We love to make things GROW! Your family AND garden are beautiful things thanks to your nurturing.

Caroline said...

Lovely tribute Rose! Happy Mother's day to you too!

dec0r8or said...

Wonderful words and sentiments, Rose. Happy Mother's Day to you. Enjoy your family!!

TechGoddess said...

You remind me that the contrived holiday of "Mother's Day" can be so much more than breakfast in bed and a card - that we can honor our roles in the reflection of the very people we've created, guided, influenced and taught. Thank you, as always, for the honorable life lesson.

Kelee Katillac said...

I sooo agree on the creativity of women and the Divine within. You are blessed to have taken the whole journey, Rose. And courageous. I am thrilled for your moments with your family....they are lucky to have YOU!

Daisy Cottage said...

And a BEAUTIFUL mother you are! You have honored your mother with every graceful breath that you have taken and in all that you think and do. What joy you have planted and helped to sweetly bloom!

Happy EVERY day to precious YOU.


Kat said...

Rose...Ive been back a couple times to read this beautiful post.
I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.