Friday, December 4, 2009

Filled with Christmas Spirit!

I am so filled with Christmas spirit I can hardly stand myself! I have no decor up yet, no baking done, no presents wrapped - and I'm filled with happy, exciting Christmas spirit from head to toe! Christmas is truly in the heart. (All that other stuff is optional.)

I love Christmas, yes I do! I love Christmas, how 'bout you?

Do you love Christmas music? I love to listen to it, dancing joyfully in my living room.

Here’s my Pandora Christmas music station, if you’d like to have a listen:

I love to play my favorite carols and music on my piano, lost in an afternoon of happiness. When I was a girl, my family would all gather around the piano and sing. Oh, what joy it would be to hear my mother’s voice for real instead of just in my heart when I play now! One brother and I would take alternating parts for Good King Wenceslas. When we gather at his and my sister-in-law’s house nowadays for Christmas, I play the piano in their home while the rest of the crowd is gathered in the family room and kitchen, providing background music for the celebration.

Christmas Angel

Christmas is about celebration, the celebration of the Gift, and the love of the Divine for each of us. I feel that sense of celebration in every fiber of my being these days! Happy, joy-filled, dancing in my heart and in my feet, my fingers dancing across the keys of the piano, my voice lifted in song. I love Christmas!


dec0r8or said...

I love Christmas too, Rose! And isn't sharing music such a wonderful way to celebrate?!

Hey, I have a little present for you if you're interested. :) Check it out:

If you like it, I'll help you install it. <3

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love Christmas music too. I could listen to it 12 months a year. Beautiful melodies, meaningful lyrics, ancient connections to those who came before us. I never tire of those songs and carols.

paintergal said...

Rose, the world needs more positive, life affirming people like you.
Bless your heart.
I'm a sucker for Christmas too.

Caroline said...

Oh the spirit of the season. Isn't Pandora the best? Enjoy a joy filled weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas, too! I've not done a single thing as far as decorating. Wait. I did put a framed photo of my mother with Santa on the mantel next to a snow globe. Other than that? Nadda. Merry Christmas, Rose!

Laura Hegfield said...

Rose, this is an interesting question for me as a Jewish person...obviously it is a very different experience for me than it is for you. It's always been a mixture of feeling separate from my neighbors and at the same time knowing that it brings great joy for them (for you) is a time of year when everyone seems so connected and full of even though this is not MY holiday...there's also a feeling of being part of the ONENESS that we all are, beyond, between, around and through our differences.


Connie said...

Dearest Rose,
I love Christmas too! Its people like you that make Christmas time special. I would love to hear you play your piano and hear your family singing around you. Christmas is all about our Lord and the beautiful people he has allowed us to meet as we travel this journey together.
Merry Christmas Rose!

Mike said...

Sounds like you're having a blessed season already! Blessings :)

Rose said...

Rose, It's been nearly a year since I have read blogs. I've truly enjoyed my time spent tonight reading yours. You are such a beautiful soul. Have a wonderful Christmas!

rebecca said...

I needed to read this now. This year a few members of the family are at odds with each other and have been giving problems about showing up for our annual get-together. This has upset me so much because I don't understand how you can take a grudge this far. Just let it go, you know? Let it go and let the Spirit of the Season direct you instead. *sigh* But I've given up trying to convince them otherwise. I can only account for myself and I will celebrate Christmas and enjoy being in the company of those I love and are joyous too. In time, the others I guess will come back to the fold.