Thursday, November 26, 2009

Silently soaring

hawkIt was a gorgeous clear day as I was out for my morning walk last week. Blue skies, warm weather, soft ocean breeze. I was in a great mood, happy to be out and enjoying the day. Everything seemed to be sparkling and vibrating with a positive energy.

As I was nearing the end of my route, I saw a hawk soaring in the sky, a few blocks away and to the right of me. I slowed down my pace to watch it in the distance … wings extended w-i-d-e … utterly effortless … soaring on the air currents.

Dipping one wing ever so slightly, the hawk made slow, lazy circles against the blue sky. One circle, two circles … no flapping of wings, just circling with absolutely no effort of any kind. Is anything in life as utterly effortless as that hawk soaring up there? I thought. Straightening out, the hawk lifted a little higher in the sky and began riding the air currents in my direction.

I was captivated by the peace and grandeur of this majestic bird. As I watched, I imagined what it would be like to be that hawk. Simply opening my arms/wings wide – opening up my heart and spirit - and soaring … soaring … completely unfettered, utterly free … no anchor binding me to earth, trusting that the air currents would support my journey … not making the slightest effort, no flap of wings, no sense of urgency. Nothing to do, nothing to undo. Just be. How peaceful it would be to soar like that, up in the silent sky above.

In an interview recently, the interviewer asked me what I’ve been doing since I was laid off in March. I gave an answer, but later I thought about it more. What have I been doing?

I’ve experienced the peace and beauty of a hawk soaring in the heavens.

I’ve laughed at the squirrels scampering along the lawn or at an industrious one hurrying up a tree with a peanut safely in its mouth.

I’ve made friends along my walking route: Jan and her Corgi, Penny Lane; John and his grandson; Geri who had shoulder surgery; the young couple who rescue and foster big dogs; the older couple who foster Great Pyrenees.

070509 patio sheersI’ve sat outside in the summer, enjoying my garden and the golden sunshine.

When a friend was in the hospital for lung surgery I went to visit her.

When my granddaughters had dentist appointments, I took them.

On Veterans Day, I went to Pier Plaza for a very moving ceremony.

When my old high school friend, June, came out to California to visit, we spent an afternoon at the beach catching up and laughing and crying as we shared our life experiences.

062109 Xcaret subterranean riverI took my family for a wonderful vacation in Mexico on the Mayan Riviera. And there were no worries about all the work I’d have to come back to.

I’ve fostered a wonderful, perfect dog named Snowbell that I fell in love with.

I’ve tackled long-delayed chores, giving the garden a thorough clean-up, painting the bathroom, painting and re-organizing my office (still in progress).

I’ve walked every day in the sunshine, firming up my legs and hips, strengthening my back, my skin brown from the sun, losing 15lbs. so far.

And this last week, I spent time with my son-in-law in the hospital, giving him massages to help with the nausea, spending time with him as his doctors found the cause of his illness and helped him to regain his health.

What have I been doing since I’ve been laid off? I’ve been grateful for the many wonderful and beautiful opportunities I’ve been given, so many things I wouldn’t have been able to do while working. I’ve slowed down, smelled the roses, walked in the sunshine.

I’ve opened my arms wide and I’ve soared.



Anonymous said...

And on THAT note, I am happy to end my day. What an uplifting post, Rose. The imagery of you spreading your wings and soaring, navigating to places, graceing others with your presence, here, there, and everywhere. You're a blessing to us all.


Caroline said...

Oh fantastic! You have done so much good in your time off from work! Your post is so uplifting to me today...thank you for this. And thank you for the reminder to soar...without effort. Beautiful.

Shell said...

You realize how much we miss when we are freed from working in a 9-5 construct. I'm glad you are having fun and enjoying your life.

Stacy Wills said...

wonderful post! enjoyed every word...

Jan said...

I love your perspective here, Rose, and your insight. How true! You would never have been able to enjoy all these wonderful things, serve in the ways you have, and so much more if this time of your life had not unfolded the way it had. May you continue to soar with the eagles. xo

Laura Hegfield said...

Rose, I would add to all that you are doing that you are also BEING...clearly you are being present to those you meet and spend time with, including yourself. I know a lot of friends out of work right now. some have been out for a year...and this is what they seem to be discovering as well; the ability to BE people and aspects of their life that had been set aside because of work obligations. Sometimes blessings do show up in the most unexpected ways, like being unemployed or becoming ill. I am so happy for you that you are discovering this.


Kelee Katillac said...

Beautifully said Rose! You have done so may of the things that NEVER get done--and are the soul of life.

The hawk is always symbolic----your Divine moments he brought to your consciousness....
a real gift.

Your post inspired me today --for many reasons. Thank-you!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

I thank each of you for your kind words. I always remind myself to trust in the Divine's Perfect Plan for my life. It has gently unfolded to allow me this time to be fully present and watch hawks soaring or to be with others. I am grateful.

Lady Prism said...

You did the most precious things life has asked of you at each present moment. I don't think success could be better more defined.


rebecca said...

Rose, I looovvveee this. Love it. I know exactly how you feel. When I was home for a year recuperating from an illness, the first six months I had to tend to the healing of my body; the last six months, to the strength, both emotional and physical. It was a time of true awakening. Having worked nonstop for decades and burning the torch at both ends - raising a family, working, tending to a sick mother, going to school - it took its toll on me. It was not the cause of my illness but the point is that I had lived a life nonstop. Now, forced to still it because I was given no other choice, I had to learn many things anew again. True awakening. Every single thing you wrote here I could relate to. When one is forced by circumstances to be home - at the heart's hearth - once again, it is a wakeup call. That period in my life put me on a new path to which I never veered from again. I, too, watched the beauty of nature during long, leisurely walks and became ever so grateful of the simple things I could now do and offer. This was beautiful, Rose. Simply beautiful. Thank you for taking me back in time and reminding me again how nurturing and healing that time was for me once again. Besos, Rebecca