Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dinner on a roll

080710 dinner on a roll2I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law from last Sunday night until Wednesday night. Those three days really helped me on the road to healing, as I didn't have to do everything myself those first few days. My SIL made sure I had ice for the swelling, they gave me meals, I had my own suite with bathroom, a big comfortable bed - so grateful.  The pain is tons less than it was initially, the swelling is going down and I'm sure that with all the prayers and good wishes from friends and family the healing is going well.

They went with me to the ortho on Monday. Instead of a cast, he allowed me to stay with the boot and crutches as long as I promised not to put any weight on the left leg for 3.5 weeks. After that, I can walk with a walking boot while it completes healing. Not bad, huh?

I returned home Wednesday night and my brother set up wireless in my home and I set up my personal and work laptops on the dining table. Each morning, before I come downstairs, I gather everything I need for the day (cell phone, paperwork, etc.) and put it in a plastic bag and then I booty-bump it downstairs, dragging the plastic bag behind me. I stay downstairs all day, then go back upstairs at bedtime with my plastic bag of anything that needs to go back upstairs. Pretty hilarious if you could see it in person, but heck, it works!

I find myself filled with gratitude daily for so many things! My little stand-up shower allows me to hang on to the walls with no danger of falling; my kitchen is small enough that it’s just two steps to the fridge or the stove or the sink. Small is good! I’m finding all kinds of ways to manage on my own and it’s working out just fine. AND I’m asking for help when I need it. My neighbor just put my trash cans out for pick-up and gave my front plants a good watering for me. I believe most people want to be helpful; we simply have to put away our egos and let them do so.

I even found a way to get my dinner from the kitchen to the living room. (Bad, I know. I eat in front of the TV.) My brother brought my stool downstairs for me on Monday so I could prop my leg up. I found that it also makes a very handy transport device! I put my meal (salad and tuna last night) on the stool and then push it ahead of me with my crutches – ta-da! (See the crutch in the pic below?) My buddy Chris cracked up when I told him. I think it’s pretty clever. Necessity is the mother of invention – lol! 080710 dinner on a roll So, that’s the latest. I’m looking forward to walking in just a couple more weeks. Every time I use the crutches I think to myself "You grew it, you lift it." LOL!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear that the healing process is progressing so well!

Lady Prism said...

* Your attitude is always uplifting. I'm putting myself in your place and thinking how I would take it if it were me. I have a hard time asking for help. It's good that I read this.

I also like how you said that "small is good." Awhile ago I was muttering how my kitchen was too darn small and there's just not enough space for everything I need and want. I was kinda' thinking about a friends kitchen comparing mine...the more I thought about it, the sulkier I got, haha! It's amazing how the Universe jolts one into the the good one already possesses without even realizing it.

I'm praying your foot heals well and good. (Actually, something is wrong with mine as well..there's real pain in my right foot when I walk.) It's always a delight to read your writings! :)

paintergal said...

Your positive attitude makes any circumstance easier to handle.
Bless you, dear Rose!

Anonymous said...

Always glad to help you, Sis!

rebecca said...

Glad to hear the healing is going well Rose. Isn't it interesting when we lose the use of just one limb that we realize how important it is in our day-to-day living and comfort and how we take it for granted? Not until you have done so can one truly appreciate how blessed one's life is. We have so many blessings surrounding us daily Rose and instead on focusing on the bad and instead focusing on the good (as you do), we find our road much much easier to travel.

Sending you mucho amor and much healing energy.....