Sunday, August 15, 2010

No fear

love is patient rock

“If I’m filled with only one thing at a time, and that thing is loving-kindness,
then there is no room for resistance or anger or
the rest of those snotty-nosed kid emotions we all thrive on.”
~ Geri Larkin, Tap Dancing in Zen

I guess we all get them, the chain emails that are filled with anger, CAPITAL letters, multiple exclamation marks from people or groups that are absolutely fed up and mad as heck and want the rest of us to be, too. Many of these are aimed at specific people or groups of people, the OTHER, those not like us; or they’re targeted toward certain political figures or corporations. There are conspiracies afoot, many of them assert. We have to act NOW. The tone is alarmist, sensationalist, frightening; the scaremongers proclaim that the sky will fall—doom will prevail—if we don’t do something.

I delete them. I just don’t want that kind of vitriol and hate within my consciousness. There is so much Fear in them, fear that They are out to get us, that They are doing bad things. I don’t want my life ruled by fear.

I want my life, my thoughts, my emotions, my actions—my entire being—ruled from a center of Love. I want my Divine consciousness to guide my life. I want to be at peace, to be gentle with my love for all of God’s creation. I want to live with tolerance and understanding, with the inclusiveness that Divine Love counsels me to do.

Love is dominant in my life. Love is in every breath I take, each inhale and each exhale. Love is in my smile toward others I meet: young, old, clean, unwashed, tough or timid. I can’t—I won’t—live a fear-based life.

Love doesn’t incite others to fear; Love embraces, includes, tolerates, understands, forgives.

When Love fills every fiber of my being, there is no room for fear or anger, intolerance or hate. I choose Love.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sometimes the "delete" button is the best one on the whole keyboard, you're right!

Cindy said...

love love love

Caroline said...

Oh Rose, that is so true. Love is all you need (hey, that sounds familiar) :)


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Debra - Ain't it the truth. I used to consume everything I read. Now, if there are capitalized words and multi exclam marks - delete.

Cindy and Caroline - love is all. No fear.

Lori Webster said...

Thank you for you, Rose!

rebecca said...

Yep. So agree with you here. I work with someone who is filled with political vitriol and since she and I belong to different parties and ideologies she never ceases to email, email, email sh*t sh*t sh*t to me in an effort to change me. *sigh*

my response? delete, delete, delete....

oh yeah

peace and love baby!