Saturday, December 8, 2007

sensing grace ...

Maybe it's my stronger focus on my inner life during Advent ...
Maybe it's just the season ...
But, I'm finding myself more vitally aware of God's presence in all things these days.

Do you sense it, too? Slowing down, I take fuller, deeper breaths. I open my heart to the moment, extending my arms out wide and then back, like angel's wings, heart exposed. I'm finding myself stopping and paying a little more attention, seeing His grace in just every little thing.

... the rain yesterday
... the sunshine today
...the hellos that I exchanged with strangers when I took my walk this morning ... hello! good morning! ...
...the phone conversation with my oldest granddaughter last night, gabbing away and laughing at silly things class this morning ... extending, strengthening, breathing ... holding stillness in the pose, holding stillness in the mind ... chatting happily with everyone after class
... the seagulls playing and calling to one another
... the music playing on this blog
... you ... I see His grace in you

I saw a photo earlier this morning of cats sitting in a window, watching snowflakes falling for the better part of the day. They'd change positions once in a while, but otherwise, simply sat there observing the dancing, whirling flakes, quietly witnessing without fully engaging, in the grace of the moment. We "stare out the window", metaphorically, more as kids than as adults, I think. As a kid, I'd become engrossed in watching a limey green worm inch-inch-inch across the grass, or be fully present as I observed a line of ants busily hauling things along the sidewalk's edge. Or simply witness the splendor of Nature below me as I sat on the edge of a rock atop a hill ... simply looking, and feeling my entire being fill with peace and grace.

I need to "stare out the window' more ... stilling the mind naturally by acknowledging and being present to the moment, the internal chatter on pause, breathing more fully, senses dialed in at the upper range of awareness, naturally aware of God's grace. There is no judgment, criticism, and barely any thought. Simply observant, simply aware of grace.

Fully present to the moment.
Fully present to the Grace of the moment.

In grace, there is a perfect blend of our dual natures, body and spirit in harmony. Everything we need to know, we already know. (Really.) Sometimes it's just a matter of slowing down and being more present to remember. We acknowledge the grace of God in each moment. We acknowledge our own divine grace, too. Blessed be.



Amber said...
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Amber said...

What a lovely, thoughtful post, Rose. You are right...we all need more "stare out the window"
moments! This is a great time of year to slow down and focus on peace...both inside and out.

Connie said...

Hi Rose,
DH and I often travel to a town 25 or so miles from home. We travel through a rural area and I often study the sky, clouds, colors, and especially twlight. The colors and designs are like beautiful paintings - it amazes me the beauty that God has provided and some times we just overlook it.

Since I retired 10 years ago, God has allowed me to stop and notice all types of things around me that I use to take for granted. I have been so Blessed to have this opporunity to be aware of God's creation while I have the time.


dec0r8or said...

Ahhhh...I'm here for my daily dose of This time of year is busiest for me with my business, so I find it difficult to relax and look out the window because it seems I'm always frantically trying to get things DONE for customers. I'm here this morning for my "look out the window." Thanks once again for your words of wisdom, Rose.