Saturday, March 1, 2008

the first kisses of spring ...

I've lived my entire life in Southern California, specifically, Orange County, where we moved to when I was 5. SoCal weather is all that I've ever really experienced and all that I really know. When folks from snowier climes say we don't have seasons out here, I look out my window in the fall and see the sun lower on the horizon than usual, the sun on my courtyard patio fading away with the summer's rays. In our winter, we have rain from time to time and overcast, gloomy skies that make me long for bright, warming sunshine and days on the beach.

And then in late February, I start to see the first kisses of spring: buds on the barren liquidamber tree in front of my bedroom window starting to leaf out ... tender, green sprouts poking their gentle heads through the ground. And in my courtyard, freesias blooming in happy, bright golds and deep pinks along with orchid stalks arcing out like a fishing pole, tempting me with the bait of their beautiful flowers. I sometimes think that I should research the orchids, find out their names ... pero no es importa. It doesn't matter what their names are, only that I enjoy them and praise God's name for the incredible beauty of His creation. Knowing their names wouldn't alter my delight and pleasure in their amazing blooms.

These photos are especially for anyone in colder climes, a gift of early spring from Mother Nature and me. Enjoy each day, no matter the weather, no matter the season. The gifts of happiness and delight - and the kisses of spring - come from within.


Graciel of Evenstar Art said...


The pictures are for me! Here in snow-covered and sunny Buffalo, NY. I love the freesia, especially.

What a gorgeous blog you have.

Namaste. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you, have I ever told you that???? I'm in a blizzard today, but yesterday....glorious yesterday, my daughter spent the entire day riding her bike in 60 degree weather. Today a blizzard. Go figure.

I have a secret, we're going to Disneyland on Easter Day. Looks like my husband will be gone for awhile in the summer and we'd miss a summer vacation. My daughter doesn't know we're going, I thought it would be a neat suprize...good morning honey...happy Easter....we're going somewhere today....LOL!

Thank you for the flowers, I needed them!

Anonymous said...

OMG one other thing...I was thinking on renting a car and spending one day @ the, Corona Del Mar...or where???? I know you'd have the juice for me. Ohhhh and where do I do lunch????? We'll be staying @ the Annabella Hotel, it's only like 25minutes away!


Rose said...

I've enjoyed your flowers immensely. Thank you for that.

dec0r8or said...

Ahhhh....thanks for the flowers and the music. We are getting DUMPLED on today with rain. My driveway looks like a pond landed in it. I'm expecting to see ducks on it any time

Cécile said...

Beautiful pics, Rose. I'm always amazed at the flowers that bloom as early as February. Every year I see them somewhere and every year I am amazed. You'd think I'd remember that spring comes to some places in the middle of winter. lol

Enjoy the nice weather!