Saturday, March 29, 2008

a very God day ...

Exuberance I - Greetje Feenstra

Today is one of those days where I find myself pausing from time to time - stilling myself in order to be fully present to the moment.

The day has a shimmer on it, a joyful, energetic vibration permeating deeply into every sense - sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.

The birdsong seems especially joyful today, happy little chirps dancing in the air as I came out of yoga this morning.

The hot mocha I had afterward was delicious, not too thick nor sweet, a light, refreshing taste that had to be savored slowly.

The soft rumbly whirr of a small airplane passing overhead brings my eyes up to the soft gray clouds that are starting to gather.

Lightly kissing my skin, the ocean breeze makes me sigh with pleasure.

I feel like throwing arms wide - ha!ha! - and doing a happy, utterly carefree dance. And I will; as soon as I finish this, I'll put on some music and happily dance in my living room. And then I plan to play piano for awhile, fingering the keys, stretching my hands, enjoying the ease of interpreting the music as my mood suits me.
(One of the pure and simple joys of living alone is that I can do what I want, when I want - totally unrestrained and without a thought about what anyone else might think. No judgement or criticism lives here! Joyful unrestraint is cheerfully accepted and expected!)

I should be working on my taxes, cleaning house and running errands, but I simply cannot scurry through this day, missing out on the magical glow filling each moment, not valuing each breath I take, each beat of my heart, each sound, smell, taste, touch, sight. How can I squander this day? That would seem to be an affront to God and His gift.

The day seems to be filled with the essence of God, making me pause and humbly give thanks. At times, I wonder why I was born into these pleasurable circumstances and wonderful opportunities, rather than in a less-joyful time and place. But I am exactly where God wants me to be and I am filled with gratitude.

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad."
Oh, thank you, God!


Amber said...

I love your positive affirmations, Rose!

I met a woman in Venice Beach in January who reminded me of you! She is about your age, very attractive and rode up to the beach on her bicycle, with some twigs in her basket. She had her big yellow Lab with her. She parked her bike and sat down with her dog, back on the edge of the beach. I asked her if I could pet her dog and we stared talking. She said she rides down to the beach each evening with her dog just to watch the sunset. Sure enough, after the sun set, she got back on her bike and rode home.

So simple and so beautiful.

I know nothing about this woman, but she seemed so peaceful, so relaxed...she just was radiant. Mike thought the same thing about her.

Reminded me of you...and was very inspirational! True beauty!

Lynn said...

I had a day very much like that just a bit ago. They keep the bad days in perspective, don't they?

*Happy Sigh*

I love you, Rose, and am so very thankful for you.

Maureen said...

How special you are Rose. Was tickled to learn you play piano-- another thing we have in common, although my talent has waned a bit over the years! Play one for me!

Mike said...

Beautiful painting. Interesting to read your blog header. On the idea that our bodies and souls are intertwined I once heard the quote, "You do not HAVE a body, you ARE a body". It is our bodies that will be resurrrected and live in heaven. Quite a thought! Blessings to you today.

dec0r8or said...

I'm thankful to have your here, Rose, giving us all a little perspective on the day once again. I've been feeling a bit frazzled...i needed your dose of soul, and this great music! Thanks!

Lynn said...

I wish I had your gift for serenity, your ability to find the blessings, Rose.
I am so knotted up, so wrought with anxieties and tension.

Beautiful song.

daisy cottage said...

So beautiful Rose - as are YOU.


LADY LUXIE said...

There are days when I feel the same way too!