Sunday, March 9, 2008

steamed veggies ...

I love vegetables. I recently found these vegetables in a bag that you just pop in the micro and – voila! – steamed vegetables. I love ‘em. Little baby carrots all sweet and slightly crunchy … broccoli florets crisp, not wilted, deliciously bright-tasting … cauliflower florets – oh, I may love you the most, with your yummy texture and fresh taste. *sigh* Absolutely delicious for lunch and one of my faves during the week.

One of my co-workers mentioned one day that he could smell the cauliflower after I’d nuked a bag of veggies. “Do you like cauliflower?” I asked him. “Not that much,” he smiled. Whenever I bring my veggies to work for lunch now, I wait until he’s left the office for lunch (along with most of the staff) before I steam them. You see, he showed respect by letting me know that he didn’t care for the smell, so I show him respect by trying not to subject him to a smell he finds unpleasant. (Personally, I don’t smell it much, and I also happen to like the way real food smells.)

There are those wouldn’t have said anything to me, who wouldn’t have wanted to offend me by telling me my food stinks. He or she would just endure the unpleasantness in silence, but would also likely harbor some small annoyance at me any time I cooked my lunch or, at the least, wish that I wouldn’t bring them in anymore.

I’m so glad my co-worker brought it up. I’d much rather have someone tell me something and give me the opportunity to make an attempt to fix it, than to not let me know and then just be annoyed at me or think I’m selfish or worse. Tell me something and let me try to fix it. That’s how people should work with one another. Communicate with respect for others’ feelings. Communication avoids a lot of misunderstandings and bad feelings people build up toward one another for no good reason.

I get to enjoy my steamed veggies, knowing that my co-worker doesn’t have to smell them. We both win.


Amber said...

OMG, Rose. I swear, we live in parallel universes! I JUST discovered those Ziploc Steam baggies during my recent trip to Texas! I had a small kitchenette in my officer's quarters there. So I bought a lot of veggies at the commissary and sliced 'em up, added some Mrs Dash seasoning, and made a few bags at a time. I prepared some rice and that was my dinner (and my lunch at work) on many a day. Delicious! I did not use cauliflower, but I did use some broccoli. Fortunately, our micro was in a separate room than the office, so the smell wasn't an issue. In fact, my staff kept saying how good it smelled. (I think it was the seasoning.)

Anyway, I love your point about communication. As someone who has made her living in communication, I absolutely agree with your point! First, you put your ego aside and didn't get defensive, like a lot of people would. Second, your colleague sounds like he handled it with compassion and kindness as well, instead of making a rude comment and putting you on the defensive. Win/win!

And although I have a nice steamer here at home, I bought more of those baggies this week. How perfect for quick lunches for myself, even here at home? Just make a few up ahead of time and pop 'em in the microwave. Yum!

Be sure to share some of your recipes! I found just adding sliced green onion really took my mixed veggies up a notch!

Rose said...

"Communication avoids a lot of misunderstandings and bad feelings people build up toward one another for no good reason."

Amen, Sister!!

dec0r8or said... I have to go looking for these things. We really need to eat more veggies around here...and the easier they are to cook, the more likely we'll be to have them!!

Rose, you're a good egg. Have I told you that lately? :)

Lynn said...

I love those steamed veggies baggies too! They're SOOO convenient. And what a great way you look at everything, beloved Sister of the stream. You always make me think of a kinder way to be. Thank you.

You are loved.

Maureen said...

I made reference to a comment I tried to add to this post to you somewhere else- I see now it never posted! Sorry about that! I buy the individual frozen veggie mix packs for fast lunches...gets me two servings of veggies, and they are all delicious. A bit pricier than some things, but hey, look how expensive a pack of ciggies is, and veggies are far healthier! One mix that I particularly enjoy and think you'd like too is made by Green Giant- this one is labled as Weight something or other, and has an unexpected combination of Black beans, Edamame and Sugar Snap peas.. DO give it a try Rose! It's very good.

Rose said...

Amber - I'll have to try adding Mrs. Dash! I buy pre-packed bags of microwaveable veggies; haven't tried making my own with the new steam baggies. Hmmm ... I'm hungry and working from home today; think I'll zap me some veggies for lunch!

Rose - we're on the same page, sister!

Sharon - Gosh, thank you!!!! We all try, don't we? I buy my microwaveable bags of veggies right at the supermarket near the bagged salads. Try 'em! Veggies are good and good for you - lol!

Lynn - Big love to you always, my Sister of the stream. (heart)

Mo - Those sound good! Thanks for the tip - you're a doll!