Tuesday, March 24, 2009

clearing ...

"Feel the beautiful breath filling the lungs ...
lift the heart, open it up ...

ommmmm shree gurupyo namaha ..."

This was a particularly beautiful yoga class with a particularly love-filled teacher. Every person at my yoga studio is beautiful, light-filled and positive. But I have a special affinity for one teacher and am always joyful if she happens to sub for one of my classes. Every word and action is filled with such pure love from her heart that I feel transformed afterward.

Throughout class, she lovingly guides us through each asana, her voice rhythmically reminding us to feel our beautiful breath warming us ... to extend the spine fully and feeling it yield more space ... to extend the arms out in each direction in Warrior, hugging the muscles close to the bones. Her voice is the sound of my own heart beating, reminding me of the beautiful and perfect life force that is my essence and being.

We work through the opening warm-ups, eyes closed ... reaching, extending, breathing. We stand for Sun Salutations, the body becoming more heated through each set ... folding, lunging, holding the body strong in Plank, pulling the hips back and up for Downward Dog ... linking breath to movement, the rhythms becoming automatic, the mind chatter ceasing and now easing into the beauty of simply breathing as the body sweats and moves through the poses like a dance.

My eyes are closed through most of my practice. My mind becomes quieter, calmer. I listen to my breath ... deep inhale like the sound of the ocean withdrawing from shore ... deep exhale, the sighing of the waves reaching forward once again.

We practice Savasana, Corpse Pose, at the end, lying fully relaxed on our backs, every muscle released - top to bottom - the face and eyebrows and eyes relaxed. "Nothing to do, nothing to undo" Peter, a former teacher, used to say.

As I lie there, I notice the thoughts that come up in my mind ... but I don't attach to them. I simply note them and let them go. I am not hear to think about them. I am calming and quieting the mind, so I can more clearly think of these things later. In my mind, I climb into my little place where I sit and let go, disappearing within.

Afterward, the most beautiful closing chant I've ever experienced in a class.

"... hari hi .. ommmmmm ..."

Beauty and goodness fill the teacher's chant,
every syllable slow and deliberate, deeply imbued with love ...
pouring forth every beautiful thing: love, goodness, kindness, caring

I feel grounded, with a deep abiding knowledge of exactly who I am
my authentic self, with a mind bright and clear and shining

pure and unaltered

no self-doubt, no hesitation

only a surety of self, a groundedness ...

filled with beauty and light

I feel completely and fully filled with joy in every molecule of my being in that moment.

Uninterrupted peace and bliss.

My teacher is such a beautiful gift.

May you breathe in peace and beauty today. Namaste.


rebecca said...

Hi Rose,

How I wish I could find a yoga teacher such as this. I've taken yoga several times and have not been successful in finding an instructor to whom I could connect on such a level and where I leave a class as calmly and at peace as you. But I come here and I visit other blog sites of yoga followers/instructors and you guys give me hope and at least I find that peace and calmness of which you speak, through your words.

Maureen said...

Sure sounds like you've found the perfect yoga teacher. Lucky girl!

Kat said...

Sounds like you had a great class.
Amy has taken yoga classes off and on for several years.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful day and that yoga brings so much to your life. I've never tried it!

Daisy Cottage said...

As are YOU.
YOU are a beautiful gift.
Thank you Rose.
For everything and ALL that you give back to us and life.


P.S. I hope that it is okay that I put an excerpt of one of your generous comments left for me permanently on my side bar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Salsa,
Happy Easter blessings to you! Sending positive and faith filled vibes to you over the net today.


Lady Prism said...

Just reading this makes me feel as if I attended the class with you.


Anonymous said...

We go to a Buddhist center for meditation....need to get back there! Thank-you Rose!

love, kelee