Friday, October 12, 2007

angels in our midst

Each day, someone we encounter may have something wise or wonderful to impart to us.

I try to view others as possible teachers in my life, becoming present to me at this moment on my journey so I may learn and grow. (I may also be there to be teacher to them as well; it goes both ways.) Because of this, I've become less prone to judge and dismiss the random stranger who crosses my path. I've become more attentive and more aware of the Divine that exists in each of us.


Today's simple pleasure: feeling the sun and air on my skin


LADY LUXIE said...

Today was a difficult day for me. But since I've read this here then I will take a moment to analyze how everything can turn out to be a learning experience.

Thank you

Paul said...

For me it's not so much the random strangers I have to try not to judge or dismiss, but the people I actually come in contact with, lol...

Actually, a rather rueful lol. Most people have no idea how bad the "home health aide" industry is for the housebound. One of the many merits of our health care system...