Thursday, October 18, 2007

everyday blessings

This has been a week filled with blessings.

I interviewed for a position with an interactive marketing/Web development company a couple of weeks ago, a company that does work very similar to work I did in a previous company for an automotive client. I got the job and started in my new company as a Project Lead this past Monday. I'm just so happy! It's such a good fit and I feel like a squirrel nestled in a burrow that's made just right - cozy and comfortable and content; working hard while treading on familiar ground. I absolutely love working Web projects, working with talented teams of producers and developers, ensuring all the myriad bits and pieces of a site work correctly and meet common usability guidelines, setting a high bar on quality to ensure the client is thrilled with our work and that it meets their business needs. (Am I geeking out yet?) I feel so blessed to have landed here; God's perfect plan for my life again manifesting itself. I am humbly grateful.

I had a couple of unexpected blessings financially during my period of job seeking: I recently received a check from an insurance company for a vehicle accident back in February, I received an unexpected refund for a vacation I took in February, too. Between severance pay, vacation pay and unemployment, I ended up with enough extra money to buy my new laptop when my old one died. Unexpected blessings came out of being laid off: I was able to rejuvenate for eight weeks, take daily walks, see my daughter and granddaughters more, increase my yoga practice, work on some home projects and I ended up ahead financially. I am humbly grateful.

This week, my oldest brother (who is younger than me, but once told me I wasn't doing a good job being the oldest, so he was going to take over the role), had minor surgery that went well. I prayed and thought of him all this week, praying for the skill of his surgeons, the strength of his body, the goodness of all who cared for him. It all went well and he'll be back to normal within a few days. I am humbly grateful.

My dad had some recent tests due to some problems he's been having. Apparently, he had a significant stroke sometime recently. The doctors have prescribed some medications for him to help with the problems he was having. He not only survived the stroke he didn't know he'd had (possibly in his sleep, they said), but the stroke cleared out a clot they said he'd had, too. I thank God for Dad's continued presence in our lives. I am humbly grateful.

My daughter and her family are settling into their new home, filling it with love, unpacking and decorating; my granddaughters have already made friends and are both doing well in their new school. More blessings. I am humbly grateful.

Each day is just filled with everyday blessings; we only have to open our eyes and our hearts to recognize them and appreciate them. "Thank you, God!" is on my lips a hundred times a day; the words spring forth so easily that it's almost as reflexive and natural as breathing.

I thank Him for the liquidamber tree in front of my window that's just starting to turn fall colors; for the gifts of family, friends, and strangers; for good work to do in a manner that honors Him; for the fresh air when I go for a walk; for a good, strong, challenging yoga class. I thank Him for each breath I breathe, for the sun, the moon, the sky. I am aware of His presence in all that surrounds me, all that is within me, all that is within each person I meet on my short life's journey. I am humbly grateful.


Today's simple pleasure: a beautiful view of the moon that Bug told me she saw through her window tonight, the moon glowing with the shape of a cross behind it.


dec0r8or said...

All I can say here is "Amen, sistah!"

Amber said...

I am so happy to hear you've found work you love...and it sounds like something that would be very fun! I've worked the content side of web site development and I enjoy it...though I have to leave all the techie stuff to the geeks (smart folks that they are!)

How wonderful that life is going so well for you. I agree that frequently all we have to do is open our eyes and our hearts to see how richly blessed we are. Thanks for the reminder!

CresceNet said...
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Lydia said...

Hello, What a beautiful way to look at life. There are so many blessing the universe has to offer. I'm happy that all these wonderful things have happened for you. Many times the events that take place in our lives that we may consider negative, end up bringing us unexpected blessings and pleasant surprises. The music you've put on your blog is very pretty.

Olivia Kroth said...

Hello Rose,

congratulations to having gotten your dream job.

I found your blog through Lydia. The thoughts on Ayurvedic nourishment you gave her was interesting.

Rose said...

Hi Rose,

I am just thrilled for you, that you have been selected for the perfect job for you. That is truly a blessing.

My best to your father and brother for speedy recoveries and continued good health.


oehalim said...
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C├ęcile said...

Rose, I'm so happy that you got the job. I hope things continue to go well for you. Your post was a wonderful reminder to us to look around us and to be greatful for what we have.


Marion said...

What an inspiring post, Rose. I'm so glad you found my blog and left a comment. I am going to enjoy reading your blog.

How I envy your talent with computers. I would dearly love to be geekie, I would sincerely love it! My understanding of computers is severely limited...I get confused by the smallest thing!

But you know what? I, too, am humbly grateful that I even HAVE a computer, so that I can meet people like you, who understand so well how to be.

Thank you for this post.