Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This could be good ...

I had the interview yesterday with the Web development company. I'd really like to work there and hope that they feel I'm the right candidate for the position. The work would be very similar to work I'd done in a previous company, project management on automotive Web properties, so could be a smooth transition. My skills and experience in IT management, team supervision, Web development, automotive and leadership provide a strong background for the role; everything I've done in the past has lead me to here and could prove valuable in the position.

I'm really trying to avoid the word "want" in relationship to this. "Want" indicates lack, and my life certainly doesn't lack. I have abundant happiness in my life; a satisfying job would be really great to add to it. My happiness and joy and light are independent of whether or not I land this position. Happiness does not depend on external factors; it is something we carry within ourselves, a yogic bliss that goes with us wherever we are.

A job with this company would be wonderful, and I did the work I needed to do in preparation for the interview. I researched, I role-played with my brother who made himself available late Sunday night to help me, I practiced, wrote possible questions and scenarios, even bought a new outfit that I would feel good in and that helped me to feel confident.

I interviewed with four people one-on-one, and I think the discussions went well. It was late in the day, though, and their workdays were winding down; I didn't get the meatier situational and behavioral questions I'd anticipated, but the questions and discussions were good and I felt a positive energy. I have sent my thank-you e-mails to the people I spoke with. I've e-mailed two of my former co-workers who are currently employed with this company in another office and asked them to e-mail their recommendations attesting to the quality of my work.

Now it is in God's hands. If this is where I am supposed to be, then I will be there. If not, then God has a different, better place for me to continue my journey. I am loved, I am happy and this has been a great experience to prepare for the interview and to get to know the people at the company. All these things are positive and fill me with joy. I will be where God wants me to be, carrying my happiness wherever I land.



dec0r8or said...

Hi Rose. I happened upon your blog through Amber's, I think. I love your writing, and your attitude about life. I'm bookmarking you so I can come back to visit. Good luck getting that job!
~Sharon (ii from GI)

Mercy said...

WOW!!! Times they are a chang'innnnn!!!

New Lap top, new job, new camera...AWESOME!!! I hope you get happiness, and that doesn't have to include that particular job.

I wish my family all got together and had blowouts...but with out the crap that always seems to happen so noone gets together any more. Seems like on of my stupid uncles always had to ruin it in some way or another!!!! My sister and step-mom had a great visit in July, they were awesome in helping unpacking and putting things up in the new house.

The space looks great...very nice.


Thotman said...

its ok to want...not that your take on it is wrong...just that in each want is a manifestation of our needs...which exist whether we voice them or not...I want you to be happy..I want to be joyous..I want to sing in the rain...I want..to be wanted...what a wonderful feeling it is to have our wants fulfilled... happiness it is said is not having what we want..but wanting what we have...and I am trying..as are you... I do hope you find yourself showered with all the blessings possible...all the best emotions...and I hope too that you radiate peace to all whose paths you cross...