Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1 million

On the news tonight:
  • 20 wildfires burning
  • 1600 homes lost
  • 1 million evacuees (yes, milliion)
  • 600 square miles burned
  • 6 deaths
I'm just in tears. So much sorrow fills my heart for all who are affected by this.

The wildfires have caused the cancellation of blood drives all over SoCal (evacuating a million people will do that), resulting in a severe shortage of blood for patients in local hospitals. I last donated on Aug. 29, so I'm eligible to give tomorrow. (Donations must be 56 days apart.) I've scheduled my appointment for Friday. I'm not a firefighter, but I can help in this small way.

Today's simple pleasure: a big hug from my daughter


Mercy said...

Everything changes. Hanging on leads to suffering.

hugs Rose-a-lee!!!!


Amber said...

Rose, my thoughts and prayers are with you! As are of those of thousands of others. Be safe!

Rose said...

The pictures are utterly terrifying.
Please take good care, Rose.