Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire - Please pray for my daughter and family

My daughter just sent me the following article link:

We didn't think it would be getting so close, but the arson-caused Santiago fire continues to grow; winds are still unpredictable, although, thank God they aren't blasting the way they were. Her home is in Lake Elsinore near Temescal Canyon, in the hills of Cleveland National Forest with open wilderness all around; the forest is right behind her backyard. They've closed my granddaughters' school for today. I'm praying that since some of the other fires are under control more firefighter and water-dropping planes can be deployed out here to the growing Santiago fire.

Please help me pray that this gets contained soon. And that they find that arsonist. The reward is now up to $250,000.

Today's simple pleasure: Knowing that my daughter and family are safe today.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Dear Rose.

This is all so terrible. You are in my thoughts.

daisy cottage said...

Prayers, hugs, and love being sent for you and your family Rose.. I can't imagine how scary this has all been. (((((hugs))))))


Amber said...

Oh, I hope they find that killer...and that's what s/he is. You're in my prayers! Love the blog music, BTW!